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Review of 2020

We are digital, we are online! However, we are also happy, exhausted and enthusiastic and that’s exactly how you should end a business year.

How did it all begin? At the end of 2019, I got the idea to incidentally create a new company, through which I could help my country folks to orient themselves better in Switzerland. At the beginning of 2020 our external marketing specialist Sarka Patermanova contacted me, since she not only became aware of me, but also of the potential of this new company.

What came after? Pure chaos. In addition to a new website, Sarka created also new profiles on social media such as Instagram and Facebook. In addition to my 60% workload employment, I got every day up to 35 calls and countless emails. At the end of March, I was at the end of my tether. I needed a solution.

We outsourced the telephone service and a team was slowly being put together. We created checklists and internal processes. We’d have to work out our vision and mission. Because of my lack of experience in trust agency at the time, we turned to Seniors@work and won over the most wonderful person for us – Jürg Baumann. After 25 years of trustee experience, Jürg can support us perfectly and as a bonus he masters 6 languages.

There were now 4 of us and everything made more or less sense. Since I noticed that we needed a new base and wanted to be flexible, Spaces was a clear decision. By a miracle, after consulting Mr. Metehan Kabacan, we got a seat in Grosspeter Tower on the 19th floor. Actually, it was more than a miracle rather than his competence. We are also grateful for the advice from Mr. Patrick Heller from Haworth Schweiz AG, who has perfectly equipped our new office.

A lot has happened since then. “UB flexi” has become “UB flexi group”, which consists of “UB flexi GmbH”, “flexi help” and “vybavime ve Svycarsku”. We also founded “flexi homes GmbH“. We are online thanks to MDigital Basel and digital thanks to First-Accouting.

We close 2020 with 7 employees, over 300 customers and 45 company foundations.

We sincerely thank our partners, clients and everyone who supported us.

We are tired but happy and look forward to 2021!

Your UB flexi team 😊

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