costs of living in Switzerland

Life cost in Switzerland

Switzerland is one of the most expensive countries in the world. High earnings also cover high living costs and many mandatory financial expenditures, which may be voluntary or paid by the employer in other countries.

Switzerland is a country of 26 cantons and the cost of living varies by location. In this basic overview, we bring the average amounts, which may vary according to the location and rules of a particular canton.

When planning your life in Switzerland, count on these regular annual and monthly issues

  • housing: deposit 2-3 rents, rent, each family member should have their own room (you will not get a family of four into a studio apartment), the average rental price for a 3+1 apartment depending on location is 1200 – 2600 francs per month
  • concession fees 365 francs per year ( TV, radio, internet – counts also just by hearing radio in the car ) cost per household
  • parking 30 – 250 francs per month
  • road tax 200 – 600 francs per year
  • health insurance about 300 francs per month. Parents also pay health insurance for their children.
  • household insurance about 200 francs per year
  • telephone, television, internet package about 120 francs per month
  • garbage 1,70 – 3 francs per 1pcs of 60l garbage bag
  • pets – taxes & insurance – 100 & 190 francs/year
  • food & drinks, gasoline, hairdresser… food and services are expensive, the most expensive is meat. An appointment at a hairdresser with coloring and cutting is about 200 francs, manicure 100 francs, a box of cigarettes 8 francs

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