Starting a business in Switzerland

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Sole Proprietorship

The Sole Proprietorship required a minimum of capital. Only one person can be the owner. It's uncomplicated. Suitable for beginners.No unemployment benefit.

LLC / GmbH

LLC is the most common and popular legal form in Switzerland. Establishing required at least one shareholder with a residency permit B and capital of 20 000 francs.

General Partnership

The business form General partnership is perfect for you if you wish to establish a company with your partner. No minimum contribution required.

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helena kuta

Helena Kuta

Business Consultant

Taxes and business consultant. She studies legal assistency at Business School Switzerland. She speaks German, English, Spanish and her mother language is Czech.

Jürg Baumann

Senior Accounter

 25 years of experience in accounting, specializing in annual corporate financial statements. Freelance pensioner. He is able to communicate in 4 languages in both written and oral form.

Jessie Jasdeep Singh

Jasdeep Singh

Consulting in Punjabi

Years of experience living and establishing companies in Switzerland. Brand growing. All services in English, German, Punjabi, Hindi. 

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