where find search for apartment in Switzerland

How to get an apartment in Switzerland

Expenses on housing and accommodation in Switzerland

  • monthly rent
  • deposit (1 – 3 rentals)
  • furnishings (apartments are rented in 90% without furniture and with kitchen already set)
  • car parking fee (0 – 250 CHF / month)
  • laundry – washing machines are not allowed in many households (shared laundries are for a fee)
  • name tag on the door and on the mailbox (approx. 35 CHF, provided by the property manager and sent with an invoice)
  • household insurance (150 – 250 CHF / year) called “Hausrat” and Haftpflicht
  • licence fee for radio and TV 1 CHF / day per household, annual or semi-annual SERAFE payments

Documents that may be required for the rental of real estate

More documents are usually required by real estate agencies. Private individuals will be satisfied mainly with proof of debtlessness, with a deposit paid and confirmation of an agreed insurance.

  • Betreibungsauszug” – statement of debt-free status not older than 6 months
  • proof of payment of the deposit
  • identity card or passport, Immigration card – “Ausländerausweis
  • Strafregisterauszug” – extract from criminal record (issued in Switzerland)
  • Lohnausweis” – proof of income

Shared housing – “Wohngemeinschaft

When searching for shared apartments, it is necessary to pay attention to whether the advertisement mentions “Anmeldung möglich” – whether you can officially register there and have a mailbox.

Real estate platforms

Apartments from private individuals without real estate agency



advertisements in the daily press

The apartments are usually unfurnished and have a kitchen. In most cases there is no washing machine and it is not allowed to have one in the apartment or only by arrangement. Many homes have a shared laundry room for an extra fee and with a laundry schedule.
It is also necessary to clarify in advance a possibility of parking.
Keep in mind that families need to move to apartments, where each child may have their own room. You will not get a family of four into a studio or a double room. It is not allowed. Definitely not the official way.
The problem with finding housing can also occur in case you own a dog.

Furnished apartments for immediate occupancy, short-term and long-term

Refundable deposit – “Mietkaution

If you do not have a caution money or do not want to spend money unnecessarily, take advantage of the offers of institutions that will pay them for you.

Swisscaution: annual fee approx. CHF 230. It can be requested at the post office. www.swisscaution.ch

AXA Versicherung is happy to take over the deposit for an annual fee of CHF 50, if they also take out you household insurance. Let us help you to get AXA insurance for you as we are AXA partners in Switzerland.